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Organic Growth through Social Media with John Schuchman

John Schuchman lost a full-time W-2 job and struggled mentally and emotionally for months before he found his home in real estate business and a passion for not only helping his own clients but he also has a gift for helping others grow businesses organically through the power of social media. John coaches others to do this with no cold-calling and no-pitching, just purely sharing stories and treating people the right way.

We talked to John about social media, the importance of stories, mentorship and podcasting!


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[00:01 – 06:09] Opening Segment 

  • John talks about his background;
  • He talks about what it’s like to be a dreamer in a W2 job;
  • He talks about how he got into real estate;

[06:09 – 21:06] Organic Growth 

  • The importance of finding your zone of genius;
  • How to organically grow your social media;
  • Why you should demonstrate the client experience;
  • Why you should and how you can build trust;
  • The importance of authentic stories in business;
  • Why you should share your journey;

[21:06 – 28:03] A Reason to Get Started 

  • Why you should get a mentor or join a mastermind group;
  • How he started his podcast;
  • How podcasting can help your business;

Contact John: Links below.

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[28:03 – 31:21] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: His W2 journey.

Digital Resource: Calendly

Most Recommended Book: The Wealth Of Connection

Daily Habit: Time with family

#1 Insight for Multifamily Investing: Be you, be bold, be willing to put yourself out there.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Philly: Primanti Bros.


Contact John:
Go to to listen to John’s podcast. You can also find him on InstagramLinkedin and Facebook.


Tweetable Quotes:

“All of us want to make money but all of us also want to make an impact.’” – John Schuchman

“If you go to my Facebook I am not begging for business, never have, never will. I just share stories, be myself and the business comes’” – John Schuchman

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