Whether you’re a savvy investor or just starting out, our Mastermind Membership provides you with the platform to connect with potential investors and raise capital for your deals.

Does this sound like you?

Concerns on raising capital fall into one of three buckets

I don’t have the
network to raise money

I don’t want to ask
friends or family for money

I don’t have the education or knowledge to feel comfortable raising capital

These concerns are common for new real estate investors, but here’s a little secret. You don’t have to ask friends and family for money. In fact, during this workshop, we will show you how to build your confidence and knowledge to attract money for apartment deals.


  • Learning Library

    We host Q&A sessions with experts, advisors, and mentors that you can watch later.

  • Content Libraries

    Access the latest multifamily podcasts, blogs, and event recordings quickly.

  • Private FB Group

    You will have access to a private group with exclusive content, and you can share & connect with like-minded investors.

  • Multifamily Updates

    We will share all the news & updated to keep you updated

  • Group Coaching

    The mastermind group will have a monthly coaching Zoom call. Brainstorming, doubt-solving, and Q&A sessions will cover there.

  • Expert Training

    Get access to monthly training sessions on capital raising, marketing, leadership, goal-setting, business insights, and mindset to achieve financial freedom.

Some groups charge $349 or more per month and do not provide a concierge service, which we call “Mentors,” to ensure you receive the necessary assistance.

However, for a limited time only, new members can enroll for just $89 monthly!

Take your apartment investing to new heights with the Apartment Investing Mastermind


per month

$949119$ OFF

per year

John Casmon

John Casmon launched Casmon Capital Group to help busy professionals invest in real estate without taking on a second job. He has helped families invest in over $100M in multifamily apartments to create passive income, reduce tax obligations, and foster generational wealth. John hosts the Multifamily Insights podcast.