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Impacting Communities Through Real Estate with Matthew Perry, Episode 84

Apartment Syndication

Matthew Perry learned about real estate in school and started flipping houses as a college student. What started out as a means to make beer money, turned into a passion for making an impact through real estate. He focuses on projects that have a direct and tangible impact on communities, flipping roughly 50 projects throughout New England and about 100 wholesale transactions. On today’s episode, he shares how he got started without a plan and how he’s refined the process since. In addition, he shares how his work impacts communities and provides an overview of the Boston market.

Key Market Insights

  • Fascinated by the different pockets of neighborhoods in Atlanta

  • Conduct an intense 2-3 week market analysis

  • Review the demographics of the area

  • Spoke to 20-30 agents about what buyers where seeking

  • Averaged about 80 projects while in college with partners

  • Moved into buy and hold by purchasing in Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond and Baltimore

  • Were people moving into the city? If so, what part of the city?

  • Look at the last two years to get a sense of the market

  • Where are people looking and what do they want?

  • Make sure your updates are based on what the market wants, not the picture in your head

  • Look to make an impact on the community, not just a single house

  • Find a way to renovate multiple houses in one area to earn trust and support of the community

  • Boston is one of the top 5 most expensive markets for real estate

  • Cost per square foot runs parallel to NY

  • Boston is landlocked and you can ride a bike from one end of the city to the other in about 45 minutes

  • Lots of “bedroom communities” where people live there only to sleep and commute into the city of Boston

  • Matt’s farm area ranges from Boston to Wooster and Boston to Manchester, New Hampshire

  • Boston’s growth starts Chelsea, Revere, Hingham, Weymouth

  • Newer growth taking place in north shore – Gloucester, Ipswich

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Understand the Submarket

Tracking Market Changes: Talk to a lot of people

Daily Habit: Talks about projects to his wife


Best Business Books:

Principles of the Process by Edward Deming

Digital Resources:


Tweet This:

“Look to make an impact on the community, not just a single house”

“Just shut up and do it”

Places to Grab a Bite:

No Name Lobster Restaurant (Good luck finding it, “Kanye Shrug”)

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