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Impacting Communities Through Real Estate with Matthew Perry, Episode 84

Apartment Syndication

Matthew Perry learned about real estate in school and started flipping houses as a college student. What started out as a means to make beer money, turned into a passion for making an impact through real estate. He focuses on projects that have a direct and tangible impact on communities, flipping roughly 50 projects throughout New England and about 100 wholesale transactions. On today’s episode, he shares how he got started without a plan and how he’s refined the process since. In addition, he shares how his work impacts communities and provides an overview of the Boston market.

Key Market Insights

Bull’s Eye Tips:

Winning Your Market: Understand the Submarket

Tracking Market Changes: Talk to a lot of people

Daily Habit: Talks about projects to his wife


Best Business Books:

Principles of the Process by Edward Deming

Digital Resources:


Tweet This:

“Look to make an impact on the community, not just a single house”

“Just shut up and do it”

Places to Grab a Bite:

No Name Lobster Restaurant (Good luck finding it, “Kanye Shrug”)

Connect with Matthew:


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