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The Simple Strategy of Billionaire Investors with Ben Fraser, Ep. 579

Ben Fraser is a seasoned financial expert and CIO of Aspen Funds with over a decade of experience in investment management and a proven track record of delivering impressive returns for clients, Ben’s insights can be a game-changer for individuals seeking to build their financial futures. In addition, Ben is also able to discuss more sophisticated topics such as alternative investing strategies, wealth management, real estate, finance, and more. In addition, Ben hosts a podcast titled   Invest Like a Billionaire, where he provides advice and strategies on investing, wealth, and other topics.

In this episode we talked to Ben about real estate investments and alternative asset classes, megatrends and tools to follow, the private credit opportunity, how and why real estate is a good investment for inflation, the Invest Like a Billionaire podcast that he co-hosts, and much more.

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Investing Successfully;

02:21 Ben’s background;

05:12 Real estate investments and alternative asset classes on the side;

10:52 Megatrends and tools to follow;

16:22 The private credit opportunity;

26:52 Why real estate is a good investment for inflation;

29:22 Ben’s podcast;

31:07 Round of Insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not a failure, but improving sales skills and pushing through challenges while making door-to-door sales.

Digital Resource: reMarkable Tablet.

Most Recommended Book: 10x Is Easier Than 2x.

Daily Habit: Waking up as early as possible, and getting ready for the day.

#1 Insight for successfully investing: Investing in what you know, with people you know, and knowing the risks involved.

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Invest Like a Billionaire Podcast:

Contact Ben: 

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