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The Right Way to Manage Construction Bids with Ira Singer, Ep. 595

Ira Singer, the Founder & Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mosaic Construction, spearheads the innovative growth and strategic vision of the company alongside its affiliated brands, Design Construction Concepts (DCC) and Cannabis Facility Construction (CFC). With a firm foothold in Northbrook, Illinois, Ira channels his 30+ years of construction industry expertise into leading new business development, estimating, marketing, and fostering valuable trade partner relationships. Since co-founding Mosaic Construction in 2005, Ira has been instrumental in steering the firm’s success, particularly in the commercial and multifamily sectors, where he collaborates closely with clients to enhance their properties to better serve tenants, residents, staff, and visitors.

A respected figure in the industry, Ira is renowned for his insightful perspectives on multifamily, commercial, and residential design-build construction, often sought after as a speaker and featured guest on industry podcasts. Outside of his professional pursuits, Ira is deeply committed to philanthropy, notably contributing his time and efforts to the Center for Enriched Living, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication & Rhetoric from the University of Illinois, Ira’s dedication to excellence transcends his professional endeavors, embodying a holistic commitment to community enrichment and industry leadership.

In this episode, we talked to Ira about incorporating contractors and the types of business models they use, their best practices, Mosaic Construction’s community engagements and investments into non-profits, their approach to their projects, and much more.

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Contractor Compass;

02:17 Ira’s background;

05:11 Incorporating contractors further;

08:19 Types of business models contractors use;

11:13 An insight on the best practices of contractors;

21:13 A look into Mosaic’s community engagements;

25:04 Mosaic’s projects and their approach;

31:49 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: The failure of his first partnership taught Ira well to build another, that is more solid and successful.

Digital Resource: Procore & Insightly.

Most Recommended Book: The Goal.

Daily Habit: Taking care of himself physically with morning exercises and a healthy diet.

#1 Insight for hiring the right contractor: Doing the prep work correctly and due diligence in terms of budgeting, finding the right asset, deals, and so forth.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Chicago, IL: Bavette’s & Smyth and the Loyalist

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