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The Real Secret to Growing Any Business with Bradley Hamner, Ep. 611

Bradley is a Business Growth Coach, certified Value Builder, creator of The Rainmaker to Architect Assessment, and host of the Above The Business Podcast. Each week, he shows other entrepreneurs & business owners how  to install the systems, processes, and routines their business needs to grow and scale. The ultimate outcome? Business owners have a successful business that creates the freedom and flexibility they desired from the start.

In this episode, we talked to Bradley about his key phrase that businesses fail, but entrepreneurs don’t, his insightful tips for entrepreneurs to create and manage their operating systems more efficiently, examples from his career, even a case study for a “win” experience, and much more.

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Operating Systems for Entrepreneurs;

02:25 Bradley’s background;

06:22 “Businesses fail, entrepreneurs don’t”;

20:29 Tips for entrepreneurs to manage their systems more effectively;

32:51 A case study for “the win”;

34:55 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Breaking even in a huge event back in 2020, due to not setting enough demand for the offer.

Digital Resource: Notion.

Most Recommended Book: The Road Less Stupid.

Daily Habit: Journaling daily digitally to set goals and track his progress.

#1 Insight for starting to develop an effective operating system: Considering yourself as the architect of your business and setting up your operating system by design, not by default.

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