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Win Negotiations Using These 3 Principles with Tom Zeeb, Ep. 551

In 2001, Tom was financially strapped and seeking change. A near-death experience during whitewater rafting sparked his journey into real estate investing, which ultimately rescued him both personally and financially. With hundreds of successful deals under his belt, Tom now shares streamlined negotiation, marketing, and business techniques to guide others from stagnation to profitable deals.

Tom specializes in helping real estate investors of all levels build or re-engineer their businesses to align with their personal goals and lifestyles. Whether you’re a newcomer struggling to start or an experienced investor looking to realign, Tom’s step-by-step approach brings clarity and results. By honing in on core elements, Tom empowers investors to make impactful tweaks that lead to more money, time, and freedom for their passions.

In this episode we talked to Tom about developing crucial market skills and effective wholesaling strategies, the importance of negotiation skills, leveraging these techniques for significant growth, advice for those in the commercial space, and much more.

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Principles and Tips for Negotiating Real Estate;

02:24 Tom’s background;

06:09 Developing skills in the market;

09:24 Strategies in wholesales;

10:37 Benefits of solid negotiation skills;

13:25 Specific tips for negotiating;

16:36 How Tom grew by leveraging these techniques;

17:45 Why marketing tends to die and what to do;

19:52 Some more tips and strategies;

22:02 Cold calling vs. “warm” calling;

22:59 Getting unstuck in marketing strategies and skills;

23:59 Tips for people in the commercial space;

26:36 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: The outcome of his first 6-unit building.

Digital Resource: DealMachine.

Most Recommended Book: To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That is the Question.

Daily Habit: Putting on “electronic study music” to focus on work, and set a minute-based deadline on a certain task.

#1 Insight for negotiating: Remembering the other side needs to get the deal done as well.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Sarasota: Mar Vista.

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