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Why You Should Consider Private Lending with Kevin Kim, Ep. 525

Kevin Kim is a Partner with Geraci LLP and leads the firm’s corporate & securities practice. His expertise lies in fund formation, private placements, and other securities offerings for private lenders, real estate developers, and investors of all sizes. Kevin and his team have advised and prepared hundreds of securities offerings including mortgage funds, structured debt offerings, real estate syndications, crowdfunding offerings, EB-5 projects, and Qualified Opportunity Funds. Kevin’s passion lies in serving his clients as a pragmatic advisor focusing on real world solutions.

Kevin is also a nationally recognized expert in mortgage fund formation. Kevin is the lead instructor for the American Association of Private Lender’s Certified Fund Manager courses, where he teaches mortgage fund managers throughout the United States on fund management and securities laws.

Kevin hosts the podcast Lender Lounge with Kevin Kim, where he interviews industry leaders, friends, and colleagues in the private lending space to learn what makes them tick.

In this episode, Kevin Kim takes us on a journey into the world of private lending. Discover its unique similarities and differences to hard money lending, learn how to prepare for lucrative opportunities, and get insights into licenses, foreclosure types, and even launching your own fund. Uncover the power of private lending in the real estate industry with Kevin’s expert guidance. Tune in!


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All things private lending

00:00 All things private lending;

03:45 Why private lending;

08:56 Private money Vs. Hard Money;

12:19 Being in position for private lending opportunities;

17:35 Licenses for private lending ~ Usury Caps

23:47 Non-judicial closure VS. Judicial closure;

24:53 Launching your own fund;

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29:29 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Making a bad mistake on a client’s file early in his career.

Digital Resource: Perella

Most Recommended Book: Extreme Ownership

Daily Habit: Keeping track on his word doc for his priorities

#1 Insight for Private Lending: Regionality and focus will be key to success.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat in Irvine, California: Little Sister

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