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Why This ER Physician Started Investing in Apartments with Dr. Nkem Ezeamama, Ep. 528

Dr. Nkem Ezeamama is the visionary behind Pheenyx Capital Investment. Pheenyx Capital is dedicated to helping busy professionals, both in and out of the healthcare field, grow their wealth through passive investing in commercial multifamily real estate.

She is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician practicing in Tennessee with over 7 years of experience; Dr. Nkem is also a real estate investor with a portfolio consisting of over 300 units as a limited partner; recently, she marked a significant milestone, closing her first deal as a general partner.

Dr. Nkem is also keen on empowering other healthcare professionals to attain financial security. She’s set a goal to help over a thousand of her peers create passive income and achieve generational wealth through real estate investing.

In this episode learn how a doctor transitioned into real estate investing, and discover the power of mindset shifts in achieving growth. Overcome limiting beliefs and gain comfort working with other investors. Don’t miss these valuable insights.


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Build Wealth and Still Do What You Love

00:00 Build wealth and still do what you love;

05:41 Doctor to investor;

10:22 Growth with a mindset shift as an LP investor;

15:23 Overcoming limiting beliefs;

26:30 Getting comfortable working with other investors; 


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31:57 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: The lack of taking action.

Digital Resource: ChatGPT

Most Recommended Book: The Alchemist

Daily Habit: Gratitude journaling

#1 Insight for New: Diversification is key.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat in Nashville: Borago


Contact Nkem:

You can find Nkem on LinkedIn. Go to to learn more.

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