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Which is More Risky? Acquisitions or Development with Dusten Hendrickson, Ep. 527

Dusten Hendrickson develops and invests in wellness-designed multifamily real estate, as well as existing value-add real estate. He also engages in passive investments in other projects as an LP investor.

He owns and asset-manages an impressive portfolio consisting of 869 multifamily units and approximately 25,000 sq ft of commercial space. Additionally, he has made passive investments in 2,034 units as an LP.

With a career spanning since 2002, Dusten has been deeply involved in the real estate industry. Over the years, he has been involved in a variety of ventures, from owning a roofing company to building and acquiring single-family homes, multifamily apartment communities, mixed-use buildings, and commercial properties. Dusten’s diverse experience includes developing new neighborhoods and nurturing infill and adaptive reuse projects, where he collaborates closely with the historical society, city council, government employees, and officials.

In this episode, Dusten discusses various aspects of development. He highlights the importance of wellness and design in more affordable A-class units, the value of gaining perspective through partnerships and understanding the sub-markets when approaching today’s real estate market. Dive in for invaluable perspectives on intricacies surrounding the realm of development, exploring the inherent risks and potential rewards that these ventures.


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Development – Lower Risk?

00:00 Wellness & design in more affordable A class units;

06:55 Real estate in three different buckets;

08:13 Gaining perspective through partners;

10:59 Understanding the sub-markets;

15:39 How to approach today’s market; 

17:19 Development – Risks & Benefits; 

22:24 Getting started with development;

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26:29 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: A bad partner.

Digital Resource: Marco Polo App.

Most Recommended Book: Meditations

Daily Habit: Reading the bible in the morning

#1 Insight for New: Wellness design modern workforce with no amenities.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat: Next Hamburgers

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