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What You Have to Do When Buying a Property with Bryan Chavis

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Bryan has spent the last two decades building successful real estate ventures. His best-selling books “Buy it, Rent it, Profit” and “The Landlord Entrepreneur” are considered essential guides for investors looking to build lasting wealth through multifamily real estate.

Bryan is also the runner of a private equity firm called “Chavis Capital” and he also launched “The Multifamily Metrics Academy” which is all about coaching and consulting to help leaders get into the real estate space with their certification.

Let’s dive right in to learn more about the five phases that you must master and Bryan’s approach to systems and procedures.


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[00:01 – 05:24] Opening Segment

  • Bryan talks about his background and where his focus has consistently been

  • The five phases of real estate that you have to master.

  • Why implementation is so important.

  • What you need for success.

[05:24 – 17:20] Why Procedures are important.

  • Being proactive with the residents.

  • How to stop and pay attention to what’s happening.

  • Some of the steps to do when taking over a property.

  • Why having procedures in place is so important at the beginning

  • Making sure that you have systems and having steps to go forward.

  • Getting your team to document all the steps and analyzing what’s not working.

[17:20 – 22:55] The Multifamily Metrics

  • Different ways to look at deals

  • Implementation and stabilizing your properties.

  • More about the operational side of the business.

  • Bryan’s outlook for the future of real estate

  • What you need to pay attention to for the future.

  • Bryan’s podcast Buy The Block

[22:55 – 40:40] Bullseye Round

Apparent Failure: The challenge of overcoming a brain tumor.

Digital Resource: redIQ

Most Recommended Book: The Richest Man in Babylon

Daily Habit: Meditation

Curious About: A Iot

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Tampa: Many places in Downtown – Tampa

Contact Bryan:

You can connect with Bryan on Linkedin, or on his website and learn more about The Multifamily Metrics at

Tweetable Quotes:

“The model, the systems, the operations – that is what you’ve got to master.” – Bryan Chavis

“If you are not thinking about the operations and you are leaning on someone else’s understanding then this foundation has been built on sand – Bryan Chavis

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