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What Asset Managers Must Watch with Mike Roeder, Ep. 492

Mike Roeder was a top performing high net worth insurance producer for Fortune 500 Company for over a decade. Then he transitioned from single family investing to multifamily back in 2015, and today he’s a general partner in over 2200 units valued at over $320,000,000. Now, he’s the co-founder of Granite Towers Equity Group, a real estate private equity firm.

We talked to Michael about building great partnerships, scaling, asset management, teams, raising capital and what it means to dive deep into financials.


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Building Partnerships, Scaling, and Asset Management

(00:00) House hacking to multifamily;

(06:59) Building a great partnership;

(09:56) How to choose partners;

(14:25) Scaling;

(19:50) Asset management and teams;

(22:50) Diving deep into the financials;

(30:00) Raising over $100 mills

Round of Insights:

Apparent Failure: Not taking action early on with a badly performing property management company

Digital Resource: CoStar

Most Recommended Book: Shoe Dog

Daily Habit: Eating healthy and working out

#1 Insight for Multifamily Investing: Know, like, and trust the general partner you are investing with.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Minnesota: The Cove

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