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Understanding the 5 Freedoms with Vikram Raya

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Financial freedom is the goal of many investors. However, money isn’t the only freedom we should be pursuing. In fact, there are four other freedoms that can help you lead a rich and fulfilling life. Understanding the 5 freedoms has put Vikram Raya MD on a path of enlightenment to help others with wealth and health.


As a cardiologist, Vikram began investing in multifamily apartments and launched Viking Capital to help others join him on his mission. They own over 3,000 apartment units and continue to grow their holdings. He shares how he made the transition from a cardiologist to a multifamily investor. Vikram resides in Fairfax, Virginia, and has strong ties to Atlanta, Georgia.


In his role as a cardiologist, he recognized that there was a lack of focus on holistic solutions that drive vitality so he opened the Vitalogy Institute. As an investor, he’s working to help others achieve financial freedom through the passive income and tax benefits of commercial real estate. Our conversation covers the markets he’s investing in today, how he raised $10 million in one week, how he managed his business through COVID, how he bounced back from a scam, and how to stand out with commercial brokers.


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Insights on Health, Wealth and the 5 Freedoms

  • From cardiologist to multifamily investors with 3000 doors and counting

  • Transitioning from cardiologist to real estate investing as well as starting the Vitalogy Institute

Radical self-care leads to exponential growth in life.

  • The connection between health and wealth

  • Understanding the 5 Freedoms

  1. Financial Freedom

  2. Time Freedom

  3. Geographic Freedom

  4. Vitality Freedom

  5. Mindset Freedom

  • Vikram shares investing lessons he learned when making your first multifamily deal

  • Getting scammed when trying to raise capital

I like making a lot of small mistakes, so I can make huge wins.

  • How to manage a full-time W2 job while incorporating a real estate side-hustle

  • How Vikram went from scattered real estate markets to focusing on B+ properties in top sub-markets in Atlanta

  • Raising 10MM of capital in a week

  • Understanding the difference between 506B vs. 506C

Comfort kills growth and progress, and progress equals happiness.

  • Understanding the Atlanta market

  • Strong growth markets, Dallas, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Charlotte, and Phoenix

  • How to rise above the others and stand out with brokers


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Bullseye Round:


Apparent Failure: COVID stalled my real estate company, stressed me out and I thought it was the end, but it was actually the beginning, for it pressed me to align my businesses.


Digital Resource:

Asana (project management tool)


Most Recommended Book:

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness (Eric Jorgenson)


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Implement traction EOS into my business


Daily Habit:

Workout, New Calm meditation


Current Curiosity:

How I push myself and my companies farther and make an impact on the world


Best Place to Grab a Bite in Fairfax, VA

True Food Kitchen


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