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Turning Your Passion into Profits with Moses Hall

Passive Income Real Estate

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Have you heard this quote? It’s great if you can get paid for doing what you love. But you’ve also heard of the starving artist. Following your dream can come at a price that leaves many artists and creators struggling to pay bills. So how do you create enough income to turn your passion into profits and create enough income to survive and better yet, thrive?


Moses Hall faced this challenge as he pursued his love of music. He dreamed of being in the music industry and studied at performing art schools but knew he didn’t want to be a starving artist. As a recent college grad, he transitioned from the artist side to the business side and decided to lease an artist loft space to help other creatives have a space to create. That sparked his interest in commercial real estate.


Today, Mo is the founder of MoHall Commercial & Urban Development. His firm revitalizes communities on the South Side of Chicago. He has been recognized by Realtor Magazine’s “30 under 30” Class of 2019. In this episode, Mo shares how he turned his passion into profits, transitioning into commercial real estate. He also shares how he launched his own real estate brokerage firm, the importance of personal branding, and investing in music publishing.


Key Insights to Turn Your Passion into Profits

  • Moses loved music but did not want to be a starving artist and he found an opportunity in commercial real estate.

  • What helped Moses be successful the first year after he got his license.

  • Why Moses took a year educating himself before he made his first deal

  • Finding the right property management company will make or break your investment

Educate yourself and build relationships with people in the industry that can help further your business, which will enable you to be an asset and resource to your clients

  • The hurdles of owning a brokerage firm vs. working for a firm

  • Business strategy for growing and expanding MoHall Commercial

  • Tips on working with out of town and international investors (trust is the #1 factor)

  • Representing yourself to potential investors to instill trust, confidence, and comfortability

  • Ways to make it easy for people to connect and engage with you when networking

  • Taking his passion for music and rolling it into a lucrative business: MoHall Musical Publishing, acquiring royalty rights to celebrity music catalogs.

  • The opportunity and intricacies of investing in music publishing

  • Advice to young entrepreneurs on how to follow your passion to profit


Bullseye Tips from Moses Hall:


Apparent Failure:

Not getting hired led him to start his business ventures, which he wouldn’t have started if he had gotten hired.


Digital Resource:





Most Recommended Book:

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity (Dean Graziosi)


Daily Habit:

Meditation and prayer


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Don’t count your money until the deal closes and the check is in your hand


Best Place to Grab a Bite in Chicago, IL:



Get in Touch with Moses:

MoHall Commercial & Urban Development

Social Handle: @moseshall

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