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The Keys for Group Investing with Travis Smith, Ep. 475

Travis Smith is the Founder and CEO of Tribevest, a platform that makes it easy to invest as a group and do deals together in as little as 48 hours. He started his career with Morgan Stanley but realized the most direct path to wealth and financial freedom wasn’t through the public stock markets but by taking ownership in real assets.  To overcome the many barriers to entry into the private markets, he is a member of several investor groups (he calls tribes) that invest in various real estate deals, startups, and cryptocurrencies. But his favorite investor group is the one that enables him to own vacation homes and even a racehorse with his brothers. Travis is obsessed with building a platform that standardizes and streamlines and ultimately de-risks group investing.  He won’t stop until every single deal on and off the internet is an opportunity for a multi-player experience.

We talked to Travis about group investing, their journey in forming their platform “Tribevest” and what this platform enables for group investing.


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[00:01] Opening Segment 

  • Travis talks about his background;
  • He talks about how his journey started;
  • Why they built “Tribevest” platform;

[03:52] Investing as a group

  • Things you need to do to invest as a group;
  • Some of the mistakes  that they made early on in group investing;
  • A platform that enables investing as a group in 48 hours;

[16:16] Tribevest

  • Investing as a group with family and friends;
  • Why alignment is important in group investing;
  • The importance of having a clear vision on how things work
  • What Tribevest enables;

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[26:18] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: His career choice out of college

Digital Resource: An ROI calculator

Most Recommended Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Daily Habit: Following his morning routine consistently

#1 Insight for Multifamily Investing: Get started. Move forward with the people that you can trust.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Columbus: Tommie’s Pizza

Contact Travis:

To learn more go to

Tweetable Quotes:

“All my success is based on failure. It’s experiential learning” – Travis Smith

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