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The GPS to Financial Freedom with Joey Mure

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Joey Mure, Founder and Partner at Wealth Without Wall Street, brings impact, integrity, and generosity to the company every day. He hopes to be remembered as a lover of Jesus, a devoted husband, and a faithful father.

We talked to Joey about building financial freedom, the importance of investing in what you love, and his GPS process (goal, plan, support).



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[00:01 – 04:58] Opening Segment

  • Joey talks about his background.

  • How he came to the realization that he needed more time from his work and where that led him.

  • How reading a book made him decide to change.

[04:58 – 14:08] Three Steps to Financial Freedom

  • How and why Joey created his platform “Wealth without Wall Street”

  • Joey talks about the book “Become Your Own Banker” that caused him to change and how he met the author.

  • How mentorship led him to where he is.

  • Joey breaks down the three steps to financial freedom.

[14:08 – 24:43] The Joy of Investing

  • The GPS (Goal, plan, support) process

  • The importance of getting joy out of what you are investing in.

  • Some of the ways that you can engage in multifamily

  • Joey talks about his mastermind.

  • The types of investors that join Joey’s mastermind.

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[24:43 – 34:01] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure:

The first place he bought.

Digital Resource:

Wealth Without Wall Street App

Most Recommended Book:

Become Your Own Banker

Daily Habit:


#1 Insight for Investing

Learning who you are and making sure that you have the right, proper goal. Those two things inform the investments you should make.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Birmingham:

Hot & Hot Fish Club

Contact Joey:

To learn more go to Joey’s website. To learn more about the GPS Process click here. To join Joey’s passive income mastermind, click here.

Tweetable Quotes:

“Learning who you are and making sure that you have the right, proper goal. Those two things inform the investments you should make.” – Joey Mure

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