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The 4 Risks Investors Must Manage with Jeremy Goodrich

Jeremy Goodrich owns Shine Insurance Agency with his wife, McKenzie. He’s a teacher at heart and he simplifies insurance by giving step-by-step guidance along the way.

Most days Jeremy can be found helping real estate investors by providing ballpark estimates, reviewing their policies, and making insurance work for their bottom line.  He’s also the host of a multifamily real estate podcast, and the host of Youtube’s #1 most watched independent insurance agency channel.

We talked to Jeremy about risk, lender requirements, commercial real estate insurance premiums, and how to make sure you are protected.


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[00:01 – 03:33] Opening Segment 

  • Jeremy talks about his background;
  • His theme of teaching throughout his career;
  • How he got into the commercial space;

[03:33 – 20:41] Commercial Real Estate Insurance 101

  • How to identify and manage risk;
  • Lender requirements;
  • Understanding risk;
  • The things that are affecting the insurance premium;
  • What to look for in an insurance premium;
  • Jeremy talks about some of the red flags in insurance;

[20:41 – 30:33] Identify, Understand and Manage Risk

  • How to make sure you’re properly protected in your policy;
  • What happens if your insurance company collapses;
  • Higher risk scenarios and what to do;
  • 4 quadrants of risk;
  • A special offer for listeners;
  • Jeremy talks about his podcast “Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk”

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[30:33 – 35:00]
 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Lack of willingness to reach out to people on marketing.

Most Recommended Book: Youtility

Digital Resource: Trello

Daily Habit: Walking and listening to podcasts

#1 Insight for Managing Risk: Identify the risk.

Best Place to Grab a Bloomington, Indiana: The Uptown Cafe

Contact Jeremy:

To download Jeremy’s ballpark tool click here.  Click here to listen to Jerem’y show “Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk”.

Tweetable Quotes:

“When things tighten, everybody starts to look at risk in a slightly different scenario.’” – Jeremy Goodrich

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