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The #1 Tip to Land High-Net-Worth Investors with AdaPia d’Errico

Multifamily Apartments

Raising capital is one of the key elements of apartment syndication. To be successful, you need a network of high-earning professionals that are able and willing to invest in your deals. The next level is being able to secure private equity from investors that can routinely write six and seven-figure investments. AdaPia d’Errico works with institutional investors like family offices to invest passively in multifamily apartment deals.


AdaPia d’Errico is a visionary leader with 20+ years of experience across countries, cultures, and both corporate and start-up environments. She is a respected fintech entrepreneur, executive and evangelist who brought real estate crowdfunding into the mainstream. Today, she is a Principal and the VP of Strategy of the real estate private equity firm Alpha Investing where her firm invests in multifamily, senior housing, and affordable housing nationwide with a portfolio of over $1.5BN in property value. AdaPia is also an author and a powerful keynote speaker whose talks and books inspire people to trust themselves, be their own authority, and step into their most powerful leadership roles in all areas of life.

I sat down with AdaPia to learn what high-net-worth investors look for in a sponsor, how to stand out when you don’t have a long track record, and how being vulnerable and transparent is an underrated attribute when working with passive investors.


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Key Insights to Attract Capital from Private Equity Firms

  • How starting out and loving financial planning and banking led her to be successful in life and real estate

  • Starting out in the beginnings of crowdfunding

When crowdfunding came along as an option to invest, I thought how amazing, as I found I could turn fans into investors.

  • How she got involved in real estate crowdfunding launching Patch of Land and later becoming an evangelist

  • Adding real estate investing to your investment curriculum

  • The Jobs Act 506C, consumer behavior and how technology plays a big role

  • They thought they were going to change the real estate world, but ended up educating people and providing value instead of selling.

  • The biggest evolutions in real estate crowdfunding

Crowdfunding companies started as tech companies, and are now real estate companies.

  • Not everything can be automated, and here’s why

  • Spending time with investors and building relationships the right way

Technology and marketing are inundating everyone and no one is paying attention, which makes a phone call more appreciated as they can talk to a real person.

  • What she looks for when underwriting larger deals with institutional operators (recurring capital partners)

  • How she and her company vet sponsors

  • Tips on how newer real estate investors can stand out and better position themselves to work with accredited and/or higher-net worth investors (transparency!)

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to operate as though you are a next-level operator.

  • How your professional communication and willingness to be transparent will build a solid investor relationship

  • How vulnerable should you allow yourself to be in business? And, how important is it?

  • How to use your fail-forward stories as a way to build trust with investors

  • The best way to communicate with your investors during a deal

When we notice that our email open rate is going down, we call those who have not opened up the last few emails to see why and start a dialogue.

  • The answers to the most often asked real estate questions today vs. a year ago

  • Productive Intuition, the book Adapia published about trusting yourself

Any question you have is a valid question, and if anyone shuts you down, walk away.


Bullseye Round


Apparent Failure: Lost $250,000 many years ago to fraud, but it was the catalyst that got me into the real estate crowdfunding space.


Digital Resource:



Most Recommended Book:

Reading biographies or autobiographies to learn from others experiences


Daily Habit:

Meditation and contemplation


Current Curiosity:

Expanding my consciousness


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

The intention in which you do something determines the outcome


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Randy’s Donuts


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