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Taking on the Leadership Role in Multifamily with Chad Schieler, Ep. 512

Chad Schieler is a real estate investor local to the Indianapolis, IN area. He began his REI career after working over 17 years in the electronic payments industry, serving Indiana business owners.  During this time, he quickly rose to the top of his peers as a top producer for multiple consecutive years.  It was there that he built the skillsets of sales, analytical financial review, customer service, and a value-add mindset approach to business. Today, Chad’s team effectively manages over 400+ clients on a regular basis.

In our conversation, Chad shares invaluable insights about establishing a robust investor’s foundation, the acquisition of capital, and the strategic methods for ongoing growth and scalability.


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How to Continue to Grow and Scale

00:00 Taking control of your financial future;

04:29 Building your foundation as an investor;

08:08 Not giving up on a first deal;

14:48 The growth stage;

16:12 Raising capital;

18:20 Tips and advice;

19:52 Investing as an LP;

22:15 Round of Insights

  • Apparent Failure: Losing $40k hiring the wrong contractor
  • Digital Resource: LinkedIn
  • Most Recommended Book: Who Not How
  • Daily Habit: Starting the day with his routine
  • #1 Insight for Multifamily Investing:  It’s a team sport.
  • Best Place to Grab a Bite in Indianapolis: 1933 Lounge

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