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Starting with One Duplex, Scaling to 693 Units with Tim Little, Ep. 550

Tim Little is the founder and CEO of ZANA Investments, a Tampa-based real estate investment firm named after his two daughters, Zara and Lana. He’s passionate about helping fellow military veterans escape the “landlord trap” and get competitive returns by providing opportunities to invest passively in apartment buildings.

Tim started investing in real estate with a duplex in 2014 and has grown to a portfolio of 693 co-owned units valued at over $90 million. Practicing what he preaches, he also passively invests.

In this episode, we talked to Tim about investing strategies, developing the right mentality, analyzing deals, and much more.

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Property Ventures;

02:28 Tim’s background;

06:40 Tim’s duplex in Richmond;

13:01 An insight on investing strategies;

16:51 The apartment syndication and Tim’s first deal there;

20:51 Setting the right mentality;

23:51 Where Tim’s at today;

28:12 Deciding which deals are worth it;

33:47 Round of Insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not experiencing a great deal due to different vision sets between partners.

Digital Resource: ChatGPT.

Most Recommended Book: Atomic Habits

Daily Habit: Taking some time out to think clearly, or going for a walk.

#1 Insight for Multifamily Investing: No need to be an expert, but know enough to ask intelligent questions.  

Best Place to Grab a Bite: Edison Food & Drink Lab

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