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SEO Tips to Optimize Your Real Estate Website with Kris Reid

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Business owners know that websites are a great resource to attract new customers. The challenge is driving actual traffic to your website. In fact, over 90% of content gets no traffic from Google according to Ahrefs. To learn more about SEO tips to optimize your real estate website, we spoke with Kris Reid to understand the steps to drive more traffic.


According to Kris, the first step to optimize your site for SEO is to understand what relevant keywords people are searching for on Google. But it’s not just about the keywords, it’s about understanding the intent behind the search terms. If people are searching for apartments in Cincinnati, they may be searching for a place to live, not a building to invest in. With an understanding of the intent, you can develop content that resolves the searcher’s inquiry. Then the next step is to get backlinks that allow you to build authority in the space.


In this episode, Kris shares great tips to optimize your real estate website and gets into details to get backlinks from other trusted sites. He also shares how to get your site to convert, moving up the Google rankings, and ultimately, attracting more customers.


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Key SEO Tips to Optimize Your Real Estate Website

  • From computer geek to SEO specialist

  • Driving the right people to your website

  • Understanding user intent to create your SEO strategy

  • Making data-driven decisions to understand what people are searching for

  • How to utilize search terms to drive traffic (Short tail keywords and long-tail keywords)

  • The steps to ranking higher on Google

90.63% of content gets no traffic from Google, your business needs to be in the other 9.37%

  • Understanding the Page Rank Algorithm

  • How to use backlinks to rank higher in search

  • The differences and benefits of SEM and SEO

The difference between being ranked in position 10 vs. 1 on Google is 10x the amount of traffic

  • How you can move your content up the Google Ranking ladder

  • Understanding SEO from a logical standpoint

  • The value of email marketing to fill up your sales funnel

  • How to utilize your content for the biggest impact

  • The metrics to look at to see if your content is converting

  • The importance of having a clear call to action once people get to your website

  • How to attract more customers through digital marketing

  • The first step in how to improve your digital marketing to drive revenue


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Bullseye Tips:


Apparent Failure:

When starting out he was running two businesses at the same time, which held the company back as he was pulled in too many directions.


Digital Resource:



Most Recommended Book:

The Daily Stoic (Ryan Holiday)


Daily Habit:

Taking his dogs for a walk while listening to something aspiring, reading Daily Stoic and writing in this productivity journal


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Should have read a lot more.


Current Curiosity:

When the pandemic will end.


Contact Kris:

The coolest guy in SEO (Google it)

Social Handle: @thecoolestguyinSEO (Kris will personally review your website, your ranking, market and what keywords will make a positive impact in your business)


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