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Scaling with Systems and Virtual Assistants with Bob Lachance, Episode 179

As a professional hockey player, Bob Lachance was living the dream. He traveled the world doing the thing he loved, but as his career wound down and his family expanded, he made the decision to retire from hockey. He started by flipping a house but realized he had no processes or systems. He knew he needed a mentor and found the top investor in his market to learn more.

He served as a door-knocker for that investor and eventually created systems that allowed him to scale. He has since launched REVA Global, a virtual assistant firm to help other investors scale their business through the help of VAs. In this episode, he shares tips to document processes, leverage VAs and scale your business.


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Key Insights

  • 1st career was a professional hockey player, before pivoting to real estate

  • Earned income – wholesaling, rehabbing; passive income – rentals and syndications

  • Went driving for dollars, wrote down addresses and skip traced to get phone numbers

  • Made $32k on his first rehab, but realized he had no systems

  • Asked who the best investor was in the area and everyone pointed at him and he went to work for him knocking doors

  • Systemized his process and then pulled himself out of that role

  • If one tactic is not bringing in deals, add more marketing channels

  • Compiling a list, have an assistant upload to auto-dialer

  • The key is to get started and focus on one strategy

  • Launched REVA to help investors with virtual assistants

  • Get more time back, scaling and being more efficient

  • Uses daily reports and client success map for 90 days to help track progress

  • VA Skills/Roles – Phone work/Inside Sales and Admin Skills

  • Admin – postings, uploading content, scheduling

  • Inside sales – inbound sales, outbound calls, follow up

  • Reasons VA hires may not work: expectations are off, mismatched tasks, tracking

  • There are four R’s of hiring: Roles, Responsibilities, Requirements, Results

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Bull’s Eye Tips:

Apparent Failure:

Knockdown redevelopment – lost more than $150k; be careful of shiny object syndrome

Most Recommended Book:

Leadershift by John C. Maxwell

Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:

Outbound dialer (Five9 or Mojo)

Daily Habit:

Repeating the “Making of a Champion” affirmation – “The most important qualification for becoming a champion is an intense, burning desire.”

Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Get a mentor right away, work with a team right away

Advice for Smart Driven College Student:

Don’t believe what you see on social media

Current Curiosity:

Starting a podcast

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Connecticut:


Connect with Bob:



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