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Raising Capital as a Broker-Dealer with Taylor Loht, Ep. 538

Taylor Loht is an experienced Multifamily and Self Storage real estate investor, who decided to break into real estate in 2015 following Wall Street’s major correction that year.  In the time since he made the shift, Taylor has acquired, invested in, partnered on, or otherwise had a hand in over $250 million dollars in Multifamily & Self Storage Real Estate Investment Deals.

He teaches others how to build passive income through real estate investing and the personal finance concepts of the FIRE movement. He focuses on real estate because it has features and a track record unlike any other asset class.  He’s also knowledgeable about real estate syndication, multifamily investing, self storage, turnkey real estate, personal finance, and other financial independence related topics.

In this episode we talked to Taylor about what his multifamily portfolio looks like today, his shifting approach to investing in apartments, why it’s difficult to find a good deal in self-storage, how hiring and podcasting helped him grow, and why he became a licensed broker-dealer.


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Creating Opportunities;

00:00 A need for updating Taylor’s bio ;

03:55 A shifting approach to investing in apartments;

07:58 Why it’s difficult to find a good deal in self-storage;

11:03 Creating an opportunity through hiring & podcasting;

17:13 Buying your time – Rewards & what’s holding you back;

21:20 How becoming a licensed broker-dealer can help;

25:30 What’s a broker-dealer;

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28:15 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Coming up short with a deal.

Digital Resource: ActiveCampaign

Most Recommended Book: Crucial Conversations

Daily Habit: Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

#1 Insight for Raising Capital for Real Estate: Help people and answer questions.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Richmond: Goatocado

Contact Taylor:

To learn more go to or

Click here to listen to the previous episode we did with Taylor. You can find the book The Strangest Secret here.

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