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Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Real Estate Deal with Sandhya Seshadri, Ep. 536

While working in corporate, Sandhya Seshadri saw firsthand how people dedicate so much of themselves to work, while simultaneously missing out on crucial opportunities to protect and grow their wealth. That’s why she loves spreading knowledge about the power of passive investments in multifamily real estate. You get to leverage her knowledge and experience in management, versatility, and metrics-focused investment decisions, so you too can do what it takes to take control of your financial future and build a legacy for your family.

In this episode we talked to Sandhya about the great tax benefits of real estate, top questions to ask whenever you are evaluating a deal, the things you’ll find out when you transition to the active side, the ins and out of asset management, and the book she co-authored “Next Level Your Life”.


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Asset Management;

00:00 Stocks to real estate investing;

03:54 Great tax benefits;

05:26 Top questions to ask whenever you are evaluating a deal;

08:45 The things you’ll find out when you transition to the active side;

21:32 Asset management and property management;

25:50 “Next Level Your Life”

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27:13 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Thinking that she could raise money from friends and family easily.

Digital Resource: Calendly

Most Recommended Book: Atomic Habits

Daily Habit: Time blocking 

#1 Insight for Asset Management: Make sure your property management company and your on site personnel are bought into your business plan and believe in your vision.

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