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Psychology, Perseverance, and Partnerships with Rebecca Moore, Ep. 514

Rebecca Moore is the Co-Founder and CEO of Starboard Equity and a real estate investor since 2014. She syndicated the acquisition of nine properties with over 1100 units as a General Partner and $106MM AUM. Rebecca’s story is one of powerful determination and persistence. She shares how she hired a mentor, learned to underwrite, built relationships with brokers and investors. She managed to win and fund deals in Texas while living in California, while managing a full-time psychology practice! Now, she has moved from sunny San Diego to Dallas to commit to the DFW multifamily market. She created Starboard Equity to help investors accelerate their path to financial freedom by investing in multifamily properties.

In our conversation, we talked to Rebecca about her transition to multifamily, the importance of perseverance in investing, the psychology of partnerships, and how to approach the market in today’s day and age.


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00:00 A transition to multifamily;

05:01 Perseverance in investing;

06:33 Double the value on a short time frame;

10:15 The psychology of partnerships;

17:41 Partnering with your spouse;

27:49 How to approach today’s market in today’s day and age.;

32:00 Round of insights

Apparent Failure: Capital raising on her second deal

Digital Resource: Neighborhood Scout

Most Recommended Book: Think and Grow Rich

Daily Habit: Looking at her dream board

#1 Insight for Multifamily Investing:  Location, location, location.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Greenville: Prime Farm to Table

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