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Maximizing The Velocity of Your Capital with Brandon Jenkins, Ep. 498

Brandon Jenkins is a commercial real estate investor-operator, podcaster, and entrepreneur with a passion for adding value to the communities where he owns properties. His syndication investing experience includes 2,300 LP units and 340 GP units.

He has a diverse professional background as an engineer with 10 years of technical experience working for 2 major Fortune 500 corporations in the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. The focus of his professional work dealt with risk analysis, project execution, asset management, and investment evaluation.

In our conversation with Brandon, we talked about the importance of patience and knowledge before getting into a market, the importance of relationships, understanding the velocity of your capital as an LP, value preservation, and Brandon’s podcast “The Capital Stack Podcast”


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Velocity & Growth

00:00 A switch to the real estate industry;

05:10 The importance of patience and knowledge before getting into a market;

12:05 Relationships ~ Owners ~ Partners;

15:06 Understanding the velocity of your capital as an LP

19:16 Value preservation;

21:31 Virtual meetups and “The Capital Stack Podcast”;

Round of Insights:

Apparent Failure: Losing to his fear as a young man.

Digital Resource: Xmind

Most Recommended Book: Who Not How

Daily Habit: Making his bed

#1 Insight for Real Estate Investing: Never stop learning, never stop growing and fill your calendar.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in DC: Chopsmith

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Contact Brandon: To learn more go to You can listen to Brandon’s podcast “The Capital Stack” on all platforms. Click here to email Brandon directly.

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