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Managing Construction and HGTV Stardom with The Downing Brothers

Anthony and Anton Downing are Chicago residents, serving their community as firefighters. They began investing in real estate in their spare time and now share their insights on their own TV series. The Downing Brothers are known for their HGTV show, “Double Down” and have multiple new series in the works. But they didn’t start with plans to become celebrity contractors, they were just looking to fill their free time and make some money in the process.

The Downing Brothers started with a three-unit building. Being identical twins they would alternate showing up to the property daily to keep the contractors on task and on schedule. While they didn’t make much on that first project, they went on to revise their systems and processes to make bigger profits going forward. Eventually, they got an opportunity to do a pilot for HGTV and then they saw their status take off as celebrity contractors.


They teach others key insights to get started and avoid some of their earlier mistakes. When managing contractors, Anthony and Anton stress the importance of having all communication in writing. In this episode, they share more about their journey, how to find and manage good contractors, and delve into the magic of television production.


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Keys to Manage Construction and TV Stardom

  • How The Downing Brothers started their phenomenal business

  • Their first flip was scary, but they did it scared anyway

Lessons are the most important things, as the money will come if you’re learning from your past perceived failures.

  • How the brothers work together effectively while still being firefighters

  • The challenges and solutions of working with contractors

  • Understanding a 203K Renovation Loan

  • Tips on how to structure your contract with your contractors so all the work gets done

It’s not whether it’s right, it’s whether it’s in writing.

  • Advice to new real estate investors on how effectively work with contractors

  • Tips on how to find and vet good contractors

  • How the Downing Brothers built their brand (first African-American duo to host an HGTV show)

  • The Downings Brothers Book, a family-oriented book that is a visual strategy guide for real estate

What decision are you making today, that will provide you with choices for your future?

  • How they got their HGTV show, which led to their brand going viral, and their lives changing forever

  • Being of service to a community will lead you to opportunities

Bullseye Round:


Apparent Failure: We got greedy and wanted to get the job done speedy, and we learned that taking shortcuts is not the way to go.


Digital Resource:

Use a mobile security system that you can reuse for different properties


Most Recommended Book:

Landlording on AutoPilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits, Less Work and More Fun (Do It All from Your Smartphone or Tablet!)


Daily Habit:

Taking some quiet time in the morning before I start my day, as well as exercising and eating healthy


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Harold’s Chicken


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The Downing Brothers

The Downing Brothers Book

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