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Losing $10MM Deals, Chasing $50k Profits with Ola Dantis, Ep. 558

Ola Dantis, Founder/CEO of, is a seasoned entrepreneur in multifamily investment syndication, boasting a successful track record of deals surpassing $25 million. His strategic acumen in property acquisition and repositioning distinguishes him in the competitive real estate landscape. Beyond his real estate endeavors, Ola, a former Fortune 6 company manager, hosts The Dwellynn Show, a popular podcast engaging with real estate professionals nationwide.

Armed with a BS in Biomedical Science and an MS in Strategic Marketing and Consulting, Ola oversees 244 units across Texas, showcasing his versatile leadership. His educational background, coupled with hands-on experience managing cash-flowing multifamily properties, provides a unique blend of expertise. Ola’s commitment to knowledge-sharing through his podcast underscores his influence and prominence in the multifamily investment community.

In this episode, we talked to Ola about his geographical journey, his early multifamily deals and lessons learned, the Houston multifamily market,  and much more.

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Multifamily Investments;

02:39 Ola’s background;

03:37 Ola’s Geographical Journey;

13:59 Ola’s early multifamily deals;

25:38 An insight on the Houston market;

31:49 Round of Insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not understanding his temperament fully in his earlier investments.

Digital Resource: Notion.

Most Recommended Book: What It Takes.

Daily Habit: Meditation every day.

#1 Insight for scaling a multifamily portfolio: Correct partnerships in areas that one’s not fluent in.

Best Place to Grab a Bite: Songkran Thai Kitchen.

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