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Investing in Real Estate on a Teacher’s Salary with Kyle Pearce, Ep. 522

Kyle Pearce is one of three teachers who we consider to be “Invested Teachers”. Three teachers who began investing in real estate back in 2011 – slowly, but surely grew their portfolio to 31 doors primarily using a buy-and-hold strategy that started with single-family and progressed towards multi-family properties (U.S. market and local Windsor, Ontario market);

Two of them (Kyle Pearce and Jon Orr) are mathematics teachers who started a “side hustle” business assisting educators and district leaders in growing their mathematics practices into strong, healthy, and balanced programs ($500k CAD topline revenue last year);

One of them (Matt Biggley) has transitioned full-time into real estate as an agent and has partnered with one of the most well-known local names in real estate to push her business further;

In this episode, we talked to Kyle Pearce about partnerships, the abundant mindset, how we should approach education in real estate, and the importance of helping people understand. Dive in for an engaging conversation.


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Learning Who You Are as an Investor

00:00 Invested teachers;

04:32 Partnering up to help each other;

08:32 The abundance mindset;

13:30 Education;

18:51 Helping people understand real estate; 

24:00 Tips and resources;

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29:15 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Holding back from investing for 5 years to see what happens with his investments.

Digital Resource: Becoming Your Own Banker

Most Recommended Book: Slack

Daily Habit: Typing when pedaling

#1 Insight for Someone Making Their First Investment: Don’t just go into it blindly but also don’t hold off trying to find the very best deal.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat in Salt Lake City: Twigg’s Bar & Grill

 Contact Kyle:

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