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How Vinney Chopra Uses Positivity to Bring Profit

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A positive attitude and personality have earned Vinney Chopra the nickname of Mr. Smiles and a real estate portfolio worth $400MM. Vinney believes that 90% of success comes from your mindset. His recent book, “Positivity Brings Profitability,” highlights how important it is to have the right mindset if you are looking to be successful. Vinney has invested over $100,000 in coaching to help maintain his focus and positive mindset to build his businesses.


Changing your attitude takes time and happens incrementally over time. Chopra says you must decide why you want to change, and be intentional about your goals and the decisions you make daily. Negativity must be removed from your thoughts because your subconscious does not know good from bad.


Vinney has facilitated over 36 real estate syndication deals, with a focus on apartments. However, recently, he has begun investing in senior care facilities. He made this shift in preparation for the silver tsunami when the U.S. is projected to have more elderly people than children for the first time in history. In the episode, he shares how our thoughts shape our destiny, why he’s big on senior assisted living, and how to raise more money for real estate deals.


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Insights on Using Positivity to Create Profits

  • From selling encyclopedias door-to-door to managing a $400MM real estate syndication portfolio

  • How Vinney started out in real estate investing, maintaining focus and a positive mindset

You’ve got to take calculated risks and learn the art of what you really want to do.

  • Getting rid of the negativity and letting positivity shine in your life

  • Ways you can change your attitude to positivity and attract what you want

Every moment in our life has a good why and a bad why, and you have to make decisions and shape your destiny based on your best why.

  • Holding yourself accountable to your dreams (if you want it badly enough you will make it a priority)

  • The multifamily deals Vinny has done during COVID (Austin, Texas, Hospitality, and Luxury Senior Assisted Living)

  • The senior housing investment silver tsunami (booming for the next 5-7 years)

87% of our mind thinks negative thoughts, which impede our success, but 90% of those negative thoughts never happen; you must come from a mindset of abundance.

  • The new amenities in luxury senior assisted living communities

  • How to overcome challenges in making multifamily deals during COVID

  • Vinny’s syndication sales approach to investors (he sells out fast!)

  • Market opportunities in 2021 for senior housing (Florida, Texas, Arizona, Virginia)

  • How to get more money out of your syndication investors


Bullseye Round:


Apparent Failure:

I have had a lot of failures, but things happen, and you have to find a solution.


Digital Resource:

Dropbox (Digital Storage & Sharing)

Asana (Project Management)

Active Campaign (Marketing Tool)

AppFolio (Property Management)


Most Recommended Book:

The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)


Daily Habit:

Miracle Morning


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

Things happen for a reason, so never regret anything.


Contact Vinney:

Vinney Chopra


From $7 and a Smile to $200MM with Vinney Chopra – Target Market Insights, Episode 18

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