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How Utilities Can Boost Your NOI with Tiffany Mittal, Ep. 497

Tiffany Mittal is a strategic, visionary executive leader with a wealth of experience in multifamily real estate management, utility management, and payment technology. She leads with a genuine interest in energy conservation and financial technology.

By focusing on driving revenue, margin expansion, and operational efficiencies, she ensures long-term growth and profitability. Tiffany has led multiple companies to exponential growth, both in the San Diego area and across the country. She also is serving as the Independent Rates Oversight Committee’s Chair, improving access to fair utility rates in the city.

In our conversation with Tiffany, we talked about how Grant Cardone invested in her company “Utility Ranger”, the efficiency of her app, and how you can use it as a value add strategy.


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The Instant Equity Growth

00:00 Finding your own niche;

07:01 An orthodox value-add strategy and growth; 

11:12 A well thought out idea that comes to fruition;

14:24 An efficient software “Utility Ranger” for multifamily;

21:37 A great strategy for NOI growth;

26:08 The story of Utility Ranger and how Grant Cardone got involved;

29:54 Who utility ranger is for;

Round of Insights:

Apparent Failure: A failing business

Digital Resource: Appfolio

Most Recommended Book: Find Your Why

Daily Habit: Walking

#1 Insight for Real Estate Investing: Use RUBS as a value add strategy

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Rochester: Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill

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Contact Tiffany:

To learn more go to You can follow Tiffany at all social media channels with the handle @tiffanymittal. 

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