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How to Use Google Ads for Real Estate Investors with Daniel Barrett, Ep. 483

Dan Barrett is Head Nerd at AdWords Nerds, the world’s largest Google Partner agency working only with real estate investors. He’s managed over 5 million dollars a year in client ad spend, found hundreds of real estate deals online for his clients, and been behind extensive industry experimentation and original research. He’s worked with investors and companies like Joe McCall, Alex Joungblood, Tom Krol, 1-800-Fair-Offer, Investor Carrot, and more.

He’s the voice behind the REI Marketing Nerds podcast – over 150 episodes strong with a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts – and the AdWords Nerds YouTube Channel.

We talked to Dan about effective keyword strategies for investors, finding off market deals with Google Ads, and his company AdWords Nerds.


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Opening Segment

  • Daniel talks about his background;

  • He talks about how his company AdWords Nerds was born;

Google Ads and Effective Keyword Strategies

[06:19] Real estate marketing before and now;

[16:54] How investors can use keywords efficiently;

[21:14] How investors should approach their budget for Google Ads;

[27:20] Various resources that will help investors with Google Ads.

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[29:10] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not spending enough time defining what his company’s value and culture should be

Digital Resource: Zapier

Most Recommended Book: The Master and His Emmisary

Daily Habit: Journaling

#1 Insight for Winning with Google Ads: You’ve got to be comfortable with volatility.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Connecticut: Song

Contact Dan:

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