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How to Retire through Residential Assisted Living with Isabelle Guarino, Ep. 470

Isabelle Guarino is a graduate from Arizona State University, a former flight attendant, Walt Disney World intern and now Residential Assisted Living Academy’s leading lady. She has been working as the COO of the company for the last 6 years, keeping everyone in line and on task. She’s been featured in many magazines and articles on the topic of Senior Housing and most recently was given the title of one of the “Top Influencers in Senior Housing”. Isabelle also won Aging Media’s “Future Leaders of Assisted Living” award in 2020 being 2 of 100’s under 30 to make the list.

We talked to Isabelle about her investing and education journey in senior housing and we got into the nitty-gritty of the residential assisted living space.


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[00:01] Opening Segment 

  • Isabelle talks about her background;
  • How her father influenced her getting into the senior housing space;

[04:30] A Hybrid Business Model

  • A hybrid business model;
  • What’s assisted living;
  • Different ways for investing in senior housing;
  • What makes assisted living different than a tenant-landlord agreement;
  • Residential assisted living;
  • Independent living VS. Assisted living 

[15:28] Residential Assisted Living 101

  • 4 ways of getting into assisted living as an investor;
  • The licensing process for assisted living;
  • How the payment process works in the assisted living space;
  • How to find operators in the assisted living space;
  • The risks involved in the assisted living space;
  • What location to choose for residential assisted living;

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[29:59] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Accepting a problematic resident in her residential assisted living home;

Digital Resource: The Profitability Calculator at 

Most Recommended Book: The 5AM Club

Daily Habit: Writing a to do list

 #1 Insight for Being Successful with Residental Asissted Living: Grid

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Phoenix: Citizen Publichouse

Contact Isabelle:

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