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How to Optimize A Website for Real Estate Investors with Todd Heitner

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Creating a website for your real estate business is a necessity. Potential customers expect you to have an online presence and if you don’t you may as well not even exist. These customers are looking to research you, your business, and how you can solve their current challenge. A website is always open and available and gives a potential lead the power to raise their hand when they are ready for more information. Savvy real estate investors know they need to optimize a website to deliver new leads. However, many real estate investors don’t know how to optimize their site and end up making key mistakes that hurt their ability to attract leads, according to Todd Heitner.


Todd runs Apartment Investor Pro, a company that provides website development services for real estate investors. Todd realized many investors were faced with spending thousands on custom sites or spending weeks, if not months, trying to design a site that drove new leads. Many of these sites are not optimized for lead generation or SEO, making it harder to attract new leads. Todd created Apartment Investor Pro to help multifamily investors streamline their website with the basic tools they need for a simple, yet effective website that could be up in days, not months.


In this episode, Todd shares how to make your real estate website effective, the best practices to capture leads from your website, hosting platform recommendations, and the biggest mistakes people make when building their websites.


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Key Takeaways to Optimize a Website for Real Estate Investors

  • How Todd helps real estate investors with their websites

  • Why your website is a critical component to your business success

People expect a business to have a website, and when you don’t, it hurts your credibility

  • How to make your REI website effective

  • An easy way to capture contact information from your website visitors

  • Examples of effective lead magnets

  • The steps involved in the process of building out your website, figuring out who your audience is, and creating a lead generation aspect

  • What to look for in finding the right web hosting platform

  • Working with WordPress vs. other web hosting platforms

WordPress is more powerful, as you will eventually run into roadblocks and design issues with the other systems.

  • The challenges of working with Wix, and Squarespace

  • The timeline to building a website when hiring someone to do it for you

  • Best practices for investors and business owners on how to engage with the leads captured by their website

  • The biggest mistakes people make when building their website


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Bullseye Tips:


Apparent Failure:

A competitor offered the same services with a higher price point and paired up with everyone. This mistake cost us millions, but I learned what not to do from the experience.


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Toby (Extension for Google Chrome Browser for better bookmarking)


Most Recommended Book:

Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage (John M. Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, Joan DeClaire)


Daily Habit:

Having a morning routine of exercise, journaling, and affirmations


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

A more realistic expectation of how much work it is to run a business


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