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How to Invest in ANY Commercial Property with Ash Patel

Ash Patel has been a full-time Commercial Real Estate Investor for over 10 years. He is a value add investor and has purchased retail, warehouse, office, industrial, land, mixed-use, medical and restaurants. From vacant buildings to net lease properties, the consistent theme is extraordinarily high returns. He is a hands-on property manager and has never used a property management company. His first purchase 10 years ago was a $200k mixed-use building and this year he will be purchasing over $10m of CRE.

Let’s dive in to learn more about commercial real estate and mixed-use.



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[00:01 – 03:21] Opening Segment

  • Ash talks about his background.

  • He talks about some of the companies he built in the past.

  • Why he choose commercial real estate

[03:21 – 13:04] Non-residential Commercial Real Estate

  • Why commercial real estate stood out from all the other ventures.

  • Ash talks about what makes the commercial tenants better.

  • Non-residential commercial tenants vs. Residential tenants

  • The downsides of commercial real estate

  • The importance of understanding the value add component of commercial real estate.

  • What to look for when going over the leases in the commercial space.

  • Why you need to evaluate leases on a case-by-case basis.

[13:04 – 29:21] Mixed-Use and Other Spaces

  • What holds some investors back from investing in mixed-use.

  • Ash talks about some shortcuts when you are looking to invest in mixed-use.

  • He talks about what to look for in some of the other spaces he has been investing in such as industrial real estate, medical real estate, retail, etc.

  • Ash talks about why office buildings will come to suburban areas.

  • The types of office buildings you should invest in.

  • Passive vs. Active investing in commercial real estate.

  • Ash talks about some ways to find good commercial deals.

[29:21 – 33:27] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure:

Buying a dozen buildings at auction in a drug driven town.

Digital Resource:

His executive assistant.

Most Recommended Book:

Who Not How

Daily Habit:

Shooting from the hip

Number One Insight for Investing

Go bigger faster.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Cincinnati:

Tony’s Steakhouse

Contact Ash:

You can find Ash on Linkedin, Facebook, Bigger Pockets or via email.

Tweetable Quotes:

“With mixed-use, apartment guys don’t want them because they don’t want the commercial part of it. The commercial guys don’t want them because they don’t want to deal with apartments. So they often fall through the cracks.” – Ash Patel

“In mixed-use there is no exit that involves you not winning.” – Ash Patel

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