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How to Get Started in Short-Term Rentals with Leslie-Anne Morris, Ep. 467

Leslie Anne Morris began her Smoky Mountain investing journey while living and working in Los Angeles. Leslie had been a commercial banker for over twenty years and wanted to begin building true wealth. From the minute she closed on her first investment cabin she knew she had made the right choice. The cabin was an overnight success! The cash flow she made from her first investment allowed her to quickly scale her portfolio and today she has 10 short-term rentals.

Leslie fell in love with Tennessee and moved there in 2020. After learning about a lack in the marketplace, Leslie quickly founded two sister companies. Invest in the Smoky Mountains, a property acquisition company, and Josh’s Cabins Management, a full-service property management company, both focused on creating a passive income source for out-of-state investors. Leslie’s mission is to be a driving force that helps empower women to begin investing, her ultimate goal is to create 1,000 women millionaires.

We talked to Leslie about investing in short-term rentals and her mission to create 1,000 women millionaires.


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[00:01 – 04:06] Opening Segment 

  • Leslie talks about her background;
  • She talks about her recent transition from her W2 to a full time investor;

[04:06 – 13:20] Developing a Short Term Rental Strategy

  • How she got into short term rentals;
  • How having strong boots on the ground can help;
  • How BiggerPockets helped her;
  • Understanding the Tennessee Market;
  • She talks about short term rental opportunities;
  • A turnkey approach to short term rentals;

[13:20 – 28:48] How to Approach Short Term Rentals

  • What investors need to do to overcome challenges;
  • How to choose your team members;
  • Some of the differences of short term rentals;
  • Metro VS. Smoky Mountains
  • Why Leslie helps other women become millionaires;
  • Some of the challenges that women investors face;

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[28:48 – 33:58] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Jumping into a market she didn’t know

Digital Resource: BiggerPockets

Most Recommended Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Daily Habit: To do list

 #1 Insight for Short Term Rental Investing: It’s not just an asset class, it’s a fun thing to own.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Nashville: Hall’s Chophouse


Contact Leslie:

Go to to learn more. You can also find Leslie on Linkedin or Instagram.

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