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How to Get Infinite Returns in Apartments with Elaine Stageberg, Ep. 496

Elaine Stageberg, MD, MHA is a psychiatrist, mother of 4, & Owner of Black Swan Real Estate. She owns & manages a portfolio of over $330M in assets under management. Through real estate investing, she reached financial freedom in her 30s and now helps others to do the same; Black Swan has delivered exceptional returns to hundreds of passive investors through their unique investor-focused private equity funds which enjoy no sponsor fees whatsoever, 100% return of capital to investors before any splits, and long-term returns and tax advantages, all coupled with socially conscious investing and at least 5% of profits donated to charity.

In our conversation with Elaine we talked about the use of the infinite return model through cash-out refinancing, the importance of considering payback periods when acquiring assets, strategies for managing and scaling in different markets, and the importance of keeping things moving.


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The Real Estate Bug

00:00 Getting bit by the real estate bug;

06:33 The infinite return model – Cash out refi; 

10:48 The payback period ~ Acquiring assets;

22:03 Managing and scaling in two vastly different markets;

27:54 Keeping the wheels moving;

32:25 People and the investing journey;

Round of Insights:

Apparent Failure: There is no failure

Digital Resource: Google Workspaces

Most Recommended Book: I Know How She Does It

Daily Habit: Exercising .

#1 Insight for Real Estate Investing: Stay in the game.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Rochester: The Well

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