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How to Get $25k in Passive Income with Kyle Reedstrom, Ep. 534

Based out of Fargo, ND, Kyle is the Founder of Passive 25K Group—a company with a mission to build wealth through passive income for ourselves and others. And the belief that, once financial freedom is achieved, you can truly start making decisions based on merit, not money, and start spending your time solving the problems that fascinate you. With The Passive 25K Podcast, Passive Income University, and Cashflow Coaching, Kyle brings his real life experience to the table. Creating a community of people all marching toward their passive income vision. Kyle believes financial freedom can be better completed together than apart.

In this episode we talked to Kyle about his story in investing, his platform The Passive 25k Group, the importance of having a bigger goal and a vision, how community and giving plays a role in success and how multiple income streams can help.


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If There’s a Road, There’s a  Way

00:00 If there is a road, there is a way;

07:40 Leverage & High interest rates;

09:32 The Passive 25k Group;

14:03 Having a bigger goal and a bigger vision;

17:44 The importance of community;

20:19 Five income streams at $5k get you to $25,000;

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24:05 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: His spending approach earlier in his career.

Digital Resource: Boomerang for Gmail

Most Recommended Book: Profit First

Daily Habit: Reading the Bible 

#1 Insight for Creating Multiple Streams of Income: You have to have your GPS set on the exact door you want to knock on.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat in Fargo, North Dakota: Crisp & Green

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To learn more go to Click here to listen to Kyle’s podcast.

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