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How to Find Apartment Deals Across Different Markets with Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher has nearly two decades of experience acquiring, redeveloping and managing multifamily properties. As Principal of Next Wave, Fisher spearheads the company’s investment strategy, and oversees property selection, renovations, and repositionings. Prior to joining the executive ranks in commercial real estate, Fisher was the Founder and CEO of TPG Consulting, LLC, a web development and digital marketing company. Under his leadership, the firm grew from two employees to over 110 with revenues over $21.5 million. TPG was recognized as an INC 500 company as well as one of the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 100 fastest-growing private companies. In 2014, after running the company for over seven years, Fisher successfully sold the company to a Beijing-based multi-national Business Services firm.

We talked to Jordan about investing in different markets with a deal-driven approach, self-managing and its challenges, and how you should approach relationships with brokers as an operator.


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 [00:01 – 05:25] Opening Segment 

  • Jordan talks about his background;
  • How his depth lead him to real estate investing;

[05:25 – 17:37] Investing in Different Markets 

  • What to look for in a market;
  • Why you should follow a value-add strategy;
  • Self-managing and its challenges;
  • Things you need to understand and do before investing in different markets;
  • Being deal driven and not market driven to invest;

[17:37 – 27:41] A Hyper Focused Operator

  • Online marketing and organic growth;
  • A hyper focused operator;
  • How to find deals in different markets;
  • Relationships with brokers;

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[27:41 – 34:19] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Underestimating some of the earlier deals they bought

Digital Resource: Opiniion

Most Recommended Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Daily Habit: Working out and eating

#1 Insight for Multifamily Investing: It’s a strange business where somebody that you’re paying $25 an hour could be responsible for a $30,000,000 asset. And so trying to save a buck or two in payroll is always a wrong decision.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Southern California: South of Nick’s

Contact Jordan:

Go to to learn more. You can also find Jordan on Linkedin.

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