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How to Control Your Retirement Investments with Ramez Fakhoury

Ramez Fakhoury is an entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience providing service in various settings including the hospitality industry, financial services, and real estate. As the vice president of the IRA Club, his mission is to open doors and opportunities by educating, inspiring, and allowing investors to diversify outside the norm.

Let’s dive in to learn more about how a self-directed IRA can change the whole game for your retirement plan and investments. LISTEN HERE:


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[00:01 – 04:32] Opening Segment

  • Ramez talks about his background.

  • How Ramez met his mentor.

  • How he learned so much about IRA investing

  • The importance of retirement accounts.

[05:54 – 12:41] Self-Directed IRA

  • Ramez explains self-directed retirement accounts and IRAs.

  • The difference between a traditional brokerage firm and a self-directed IRA company.

  • He breaks down what self-direction really is.

  • Why now is the best time to look at investing options other than the stock market.

  • The huge difference in capital gains on a self-directed IRA.

  • Why you should take control of your investments and how it can help you exceed the market from what you typically see in the stock space.

[12:41 – 29:49] The IRA Club

  • Ramez explains how they support investors at the IRA Club.

  • He talks about their product “The IRA Club Investors Kit” which walks you through the process of getting an IRA

Links below

  • Where investors in the IRA Club prefer to put their money in.

  • Are you too old to get a self-directed IRA?

  • Ramez gives us the upsides and the downsides of a self-directed IRA.

[29:49 – 35:25] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure:

Not understanding how money moves earlier.

Digital Resource:


Most Recommended Book:

Money-Making Ideas for Your IRA or Solo 401(k)

Daily Habit:


#1 Insight for Multifamily Investing

When you incorporate your returns from your multifamily investments within your IRA, the returns are much sweeter.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Chicago

Angelo’s Wine Bar

Contact Ramez:

To learn more go to You can find the investors kit here: “IRA Club Investors Kit

Tweetable Quote:

“There’s nothing wrong with the stock market. Everyone’s made money in the stock market but you have to look at the alternative space, and now more than ever.” – Ramez Fakhoury


“When people talk about ten, twelve, thirteen percent returns on investment – when you do it within a self-directed IRA, the gains are actually thirty percent higher.” – Ramez Fakhoury


“Control, in order to invest in what you know and understand best.” – Ramez Fakhoury

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