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How to Buy Real Estate Related Businesses with Jason Brown, Ep. 494

PGP Advisory founder Jason Brown brings a highly unique approach to the business broker realm. Having spent over a decade in the corporate world, working with Fortune 500 companies, Jason understands what it takes to buy and sell businesses and improve small and midsized business transactions. He takes the strategies he learned in the corporate world and applies them to his role, serving PGP Advisory clients.

In our conversation with Jason, we discussed several topics related to M&A (Mergers and acquisitions), including the process of identifying suitable businesses for investment, exploring opportunities in real estate-specific businesses, and determining the value of a business that one intends to acquire.


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M&A 101

  • The entrepreneurial pathway;

  • What’s M&A (Mergers and acquisitions)

  • How to figure out what business to invest in;

  • Real estate specific businesses that you can invest in;

  • Valuing the business you are looking to acquire;

Round of Insights:

Apparent Failure: Failed business opportunities in the past

Digital Resource: Jasper

Most Recommended Book: Good to Great

Daily Habit: His accountability group

#1 Insight for Investing in Businesses: Take the time to lay out a strategy.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in San Antonio: Real Real Jamaica

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Contact Jason:

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