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How This Platform is Helping Property Owners with Ryan Barone, Ep. 529

Ryan Barone is the CEO & Founder of RentRedi. Its rental software for landlords ensures that you can easily collect rent online without any hidden fees. They offer customizable payment options for both landlords and tenants. Never pay any fees for additional units or tenants.

It all started when CEO Ryan Barone lost out on a great apartment in New York City. A double major, top of his class, and with an internship on Wall Street – getting documents for rental applications shouldn’t have been a problem. But it was. And it wasn’t just an issue for him. Speaking with friends, he found the application process for rentals was difficult for everyone, tenants, and landlords. Gathering and storing documents and having them easily available for landlords was a problem – and RentRedi became the solution.

In this episode we listen to Ryan’s journey into PropTech, and how he is helping property owners by building something that fills a need.


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Helping Property Owners

00:00 $15B under management;

04:36 A journey into PropTech;

10:05 Building something that fills a need;

11:05 Networking and feedback;

12:16 Helping property owners

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19:09 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: The first version of Rentredi.

Digital Resource: Intercom

Most Recommended Book: The Lean Startup

Daily Habit: Creating dashboards

#1 Insight for Being an Independent Property Owner: Talk to your tenants.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat in New York: Uva

Contact Ryan:

To learn more about the platform go to

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