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How EV Stations Can Charge Multifamily Returns with Kelsey Holshouser, Ep. 507

Kelsey Holshouser is co-founder and COO of Amperage Capital, an infrastructure investor and operator, focused on addressing electric vehicle charging solutions in apartment communities. In this role, she is responsible for crafting the customer experience for drivers, overseeing all construction projects, and ensuring the Amperage Capital owned infrastructure is up and running.

In our conversation with Kelsey, we discussed the future of EV chargers, why it’s a win-win for the apartment owner to implement an EV charger station, and the costs involved.


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EV Chargers & Multifamily

00:00 EV chargers and multifamily;

11:18 A win win for the apartment owner and the downsides;

16:01 What retrofitting an entire parking garage with EV charger stations costs;

17:23 The future of EV chargers;

26:12 The cost of a single EV charger station in a single unit;

28:42 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not getting into Harvard or Stanford.

Digital Resource: ChatGPT

Most Recommended Book: Measure What Matters

Daily Habit: Exercising

#1 Insight for EV Investing: Velvet Taco

Best Place to Grab a Bite in South Lake, Texas: Joe’s Barbeque

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