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From Desk Manager to Hotel Owner with Davonne Reaves, Ep. 501

Travel trailblazer and hospitality enthusiast Davonne Reaves, is an award-winning hotel consultant and asset manager, who on her own path to hotel ownership, is fiercely dedicated to empowering underrepresented communities on opportunities unlocked through investment in the hospitality industry. As founder and chief hospitality strategist behind Atlanta-based hospitality firm, The Vonne Group and CEO of Vesterr, Reaves capitalizes on her more than 14 years of experience in the lodging industry, to teach people how to become successful hotel investors and owners. With a passion for people and pineapples —the premiere symbol for the hospitality industry — Reaves makes hotel ownership real and relatable through educational training and programmatic resources that spotlight each step in the hotel acquisition process, leaning into sustainable success strategies.

In our conversation with Davonne about her journey from being a front desk manager to being a hotel owner, her hotel investing journey, how to analyze a hotel deal, and Vesterr: a crowdfunding platform that connects investors everywhere with hotel deals.


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Front Desk Manager to Hotel Owner

00:00 A serial entrepreneur mom;

03:21 Employee to owner in the hotel industry;

14:39 Hotels & Multifamily;

21:14 How to analyze a hotel deal & Hotel brands;

32:13 Vesterr: offers for investors within the hotel and hospitality realm;

Round of Insights:

Apparent Failure: Humbling moments in her hotel career

Digital Resource: Vesperr

Most Recommended Book: Relentless

Daily Habit: Listening to music.

#1 Insight for Being a Successful Hotel Investor: Create an investment thesis

Best Place to Grab a Bite: Chick-fil-a

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