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Finding Your Path in Multifamily with Bronson Hill, Ep. 520

Bronson Hill is the founder of Bronson Equity, a multifamily investment company that is a general partner in over $200M in performing real estate assets. He has raised over $32M from investors and spoken personally with over 1500 investors and is passionate about helping busy professionals develop passive income through investing in alternative assets.

In this episode, Bronson talks about his transition from medical sales to working with investors, the importance of finding the right position to raise money, and shares insights on how to navigate the multifamily industry. He also touches upon how he went from failing to raising $15,000,000 upfront and how to vet deals.


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Finding Your Path in Real Estate Investing

00:00 Medical sales to working with investors;

05:52 The right position to raise money;

11:00 Finding your path in multifamily;

15:52 Being interested in writing a cheque;

19:31 Failing to raising $15,000,000 upfront

23:25 How to vet deals;

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28:45 ~ Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Being fired as a youth pastor

Digital Resource: Calendly

Most Recommended Book: Never Split The Difference

Daily Habit: Reading his goals every morning

#1 Insight for Passive Investing: Go to conferences, and go to meet ups.

Best Place to Grab a Bite to Eat in Pasadena, California: True Food Kitchen

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