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Facebook and Instagram Ads: How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Budget with Kevin Urrutia

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Today’s guest is Kevin Urrutia, the co-founder of New York-based Voy Media, who specializes in creating for clients Facebook and Instagram ads that are sophisticated and super creative. Kevin’s team is usually half on-site and half around the world. During the lockdown, they have all been working remotely. Kevin also has his own podcast, called Digital Marketing Fastlane which helps you to build, launch, grow and scale a successful online business.

Let’s listen to Kevin to learn more about service-based businesses and establishing the right marketing strategy.



[00:01 – 07:44] Opening Segment

  • Kevin shares the story about his background and career journey in marketing.

  • Kevin talks about his experience in building and growing multiple businesses.

[07:45 – 16:50] The Quality Control of Service Based Industry

  • The idea and motivation behind Maid Sailors Company.

  • How Kevin find customers and market Maid Sailors

  • Managing the quality control of the service-based business.

[16:51 – 35:04] Establishing the Right Marketing Strategy for New Businesses.

  • Kevin talks about Voy-Media and how he helps people grow their business

  • Acquisition of new customers and content creation.

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  • Why use Facebook and Instagram ads.

  • Info on Youtube ads.

  • The level of complexity on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

  • Trust but verify on working with agencies and freelancers.

  • Three main aspects to know before using Facebook Ads.

  • Establishing the right strategy for new businesses.

  • Warm traffic and retargeting.

  • The challenges and common mistakes of other advertisers

  • The surprising factor of Facebook ads.

  • How to connect with Kevin

  • See links below.


[35:05 – 39:37] The Bullseye Round

  • Apparent Failure:

  • Hiring a friend or family member.

  • Digital Resource:

  • Asana and Slack

  • Most Recommended Book:

  • DotCom Secret by Russell Brunson

  • Daily Habit:

  • Write down a note of what he wants to do every day.

  • Current Curiosity:

  • Rental and Self-Storage

  • Wish I Knew When I Was Starting:

  • Know how important it is to hire great team members.

  • Best Place to Grab a Bite in NY.

  • District Saigon

  • How to connect with Kevin.

  • See links below

  • Kevin shares a success story from his recent client.

  • Final words from me

Tweetable Quotes:

“Before you work in an agency or as a freelancer and if you want to make Facebook a huge part of your acquisition strategy, you should at least know what the platform looks like.” – Kevin Urrutia

“Think about what you offer. What is involved in it is who you are, what your brand is, and what you can do to establish trust.” – Kevin Urrutia

You can connect with Kevin on Linkedin; you can also send him an email to and check out his website at

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