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Deal Not Performing? Do this Next with Richard Crouch, Ep. 573

If your real estate deal is not performing, you may wonder about your legal options. We spoke with Richard Crouch, a principal and chair at Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black. A frequent media source, Crouch has built his legal practice on the foundation of commercial real estate over the past two decades.

Richard’s practice includes commercial real estate acquisitions, dispositions, leasing, development, and finance. He regularly works with real estate acquisition firms, developers, property management groups, commercial tenants and lenders on the structuring and closing of commercial transactions.

In this episode, we talked to Richard about the market shift and its current status, the corporate transparency act, what to do if a real estate deal is not performing as expected, useful insights on common mistakes that investors make, his transition to becoming an investor, finding the right attorney for your business, and much more.

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Legal Insights for Real Estate Investing;

02:30 Richard’s background;

04:52 An insight on the market shift;

06:45 Corporate Transparency Act

11:36 What to do if a real estate deal is not performing well;

14:29 Common mistakes that investors make;

19:50 Richard’s transition from legal consultancy to investment;

24:38 Questions to ask while looking for the right attorney;

27:56 Round of insights

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Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Having the mindset of “I can do everything myself” at the beginning of his journey.

Digital Resource: ChatGPT.

Most Recommended Book: Tax-Free Wealth.

Daily Habit: Exercising, noting important things down, and organizing all daily work.

#1 Insight for commercial real estate investing: Admitting what you don’t know, and surrounding yourself with the right professionals.

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Contact Richard:

Phone: (757) 353 0969

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