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Construction Management, Blockchain, and Banking with Jake Harris, Ep. 537

After 15 years owning national commercial and local residential construction/remodeling companies, Jake Harris created BuildWallet, a payment platform that eliminates STRE$$ and restores TRU$T and $PEED for any project.  His company NextGen Tech combines Banking + Blockchain under industry framework.  

In this episode we talked to Jake about BuildWallet, an app that combines Banking + Blockchain to make it easier for investors, project managers, and contractors. We get in the nits of how the technology works and how it’s going to change the future.


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Project Management with Blockchain;

00:00 A more effective way;

05:20 BuildWallet – How it helps investors and project managers;

07:34 Who is BuildWallet for;

09:13 Transparency & Accountability;

11:28 How BuildWallet works for contractors and project managers;

12:41 Construction to residential

16:08 Building into the future – Banking & Blockchain

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20:22 Round of Insights

Apparent Failure: Not taking venture capital.

Digital Resource: Smart Contracts

Most Recommended Book: Traction

Daily Habit: Pray

#1 Insight for Project Management: Don’t leave the meeting without talking about three things: scope, schedule and budget.

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Contact Jake:

To learn more go to

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