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Clean Energy and Bigger Profits with Jason Schwartzberg, Ep. 499

Jason is a leading energy entrepreneur and a pioneer in energy cost reduction for commercial property owners. He co-founded MD Energy Advisors after identifying the need for an energy company that could help the real estate community reduce energy spend to maximize profitability.

In 2010, Jason also co-founded PointClickSwitch, a proprietary online platform powered by MD Energy Advisors that helps residential customers in deregulated energy markets save on utility costs through comparison shopping.

Today, much of his focus is on the financial solution focus of MD Energy Advisors and Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Financing.

In our conversation with Jason we talked about how commercial real estate owners can reduce operating expenses and increase NOI, brokering energy, and everything about C-PACE financing.


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C-PACE Financing

00:00 Jason’s background

05:24 Reducing operating expenses and increasing NOI for commercial real estate owners;

08:32 Brokering energy;

10:41 Competitively buying energy ~ Budget certainty;

12:41 Traditional energy VS. Rub structure;

15:06 C-PACE financing 101

Round of Insights:

Apparent Failure: Getting downsized in a company where he was supposed to be an equity partner;

Digital Resource: LinkedIn

Most Recommended Book: Shoe Dog

Daily Habit: Walking his dog every morning.

#1 Insight for Investing with Energy in Mind: Play the long game

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Contact Jason:

To learn more go to

Lots of C-PACE references on MDEA website (incl map recognizing where C-PACE if offered if you scroll down):

Map of deregulated states:

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